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DRØMMEKJOLE customized

Our original shirt dress is made from..... all shirts are unique, hand pick from markets.....

It has Botton down...... and you can choose to customize the arm, the skirt and the neck. below you can see the different styles.

as well, when ordering you have the possibility to write the desired length and a variety of prints. 

The print its a estimative. When the order is received I will get back to you and sent pictures of the fabrics that we can possibly use depending of your styles choices.

If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to send me an email.


Vælg mellem klassisk skjorte krave, flæse eller stor sløjfe.

drømmekj skirt contrasting_edited.png


Nederdel kan være i sammen stof som kjolen eller i kontrasterede farve. I bestillingsformular kan du skrive præcis hvor lang skal den være.

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